Jock retired from the Royal Air Force in 1972 with over 13 years experience under his belt servicing and repairing military planes. After leaving the RAF, Jock decided he wanted to work for himself and opened up a small workshop in his home garage. 

As the business grew, the small home based workshop could not cope with the increasing demand for Jock's honest and reliable services so he started his search for a bigger space.


In 1974, Jock purchased his first commercial business premises and Jock Sergison's Garage Ltd. was born!


Years past and the business continued to build a strong reputation in the local community. With this in mind, in 1982 Jock went on to purchase an additional build on the land adjacent to the current workshop in, to house three new MOT testing bays.


In 1993, the young and eager Ewen Serigison began working at the garage as Jock's apprentice. Later he moved on to become the Senior Technician and in 2008 took over the running of the business when Jock retired. During the same year, with a passion for expansion, Ewen opened a tire bay on some newly acquired land beside the testing bays.


For many years, Jock and Ewen had hand built and raced single seater, open wheel racing cars in the Monoposto Racing Club. Ewen had many successful years racing in the club winning countless races and a number of championship titles. With this recognized success he saw an opportunity to create a new business offering his services to other drivers and motorsport enthusiasts. 


Now Jock Sergison's Garage Ltd. and Avit Motorsports work side by side, providing trusted, honest and professional care for all types of car owners.


Jock Sergison's Garage Ltd is a family run business since 1974. We strive to provide a great service for all makes and models of vehicles and motorbikes, whilst giving a welcoming, friendly, family atmosphere.

Jock Sergison's Garage LTD

Nelson Street

Hyde Park Industrial Estate




Tel:  01302 321238

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